6 Types of Vehicles That You Can Use in a Commercial Garbage Removal

Getting Rid of Your Commercial Wastes With the Right Trucks

Trash and junk vehicles are commonly used for commercial garbage removal; however, you can use a dumpster and garbage truck, or garbage bins too. These vehicles are sometimes used by local garbage companies and contractors. You can also use larger garbage truck trailers, tipper trucks, and many others. The vehicle you choose depends on how and what types of garbage you want to transport. Below, you’ll find a guide that will help you choose a vehicle that best suits your needs.

Garbage Truck

A garbage truck is a large vehicle that can carry large amounts of garbage and can be used for commercial garbage hauling. Its size and capacity make it ideal for transporting large volumes of waste, and it can also be used for smaller jobs that require the transport of garbage to landfills or legal disposal.


A dumpster is a large vehicle that is specialized to carry large volumes of waste. They come in various sizes and are ideal for bigger garbage removal as they are able to carry large volumes of waste.

Tipper Trucks

They are used when the garbage needs to be taken to a landfill or transfer station for sorting and disposal. They are also commonly used to transport waste from commercial properties to landfills.

Detection Vehicles

These vehicles are equipped with technology that allows them to detect waste that is incorrectly classified as garbage. They are commonly used to transport waste from commercial properties to landfills.

Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are small vehicles that can carry smaller volumes of waste. They are especially convenient if you are transporting small volumes of garbage. In addition to that, they are often used for collecting household items that need to be removed from a building, including broken appliances, furniture, and other waste.


These are small trucks that are used to clean areas or do small garbage collections. They can be used by many different businesses and can also be towed by a standard truck.

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