2 Easy Tips for a Commercial Garbage Removal

Hauling Your Garbage Out From Your Commercial Space

As a homeowner, you’re probably aware of the importance of regularly cleaning your home to keep everything in good condition. So, what happens when your home is a commercial property? If you have a business and employees, you might have a harder time keeping your place spotless. To prevent the growth of molds, the spread of germs, and the appearance of dirty floors, you’ll want to use regular commercial garbage removal services. It’s also a great way to eliminate the garbage that builds up as a result of food prep and consumption. Below are 3 of the commercial garbage removal tips you can try!


The first step is to pre-filter all of your garbage. Most commercial buildings rely on a trash compactor that will take the trash down to the basement or a storage area to be sorted by hand. The compactor will not work if the trash is not first pre-filtered, otherwise, the trash will quickly fill up the compactor and it will be a huge waste of time and money to repair or replace the compactor.

Make Sure You are Collecting the Right Garbage

Commercial buildings will also face many of the same problems as residential ones. Things like leaking pipes, leaks from roofs, and overflowing toilets that result in garbage being added to the piles. Make it sure that you can readily identify the right garbage before collecting them. Garbage includes appliances, donations or any non-toxic, organic, and recyclable items, waste oil, paint and clear plastic, tires, cans, bottles, cardboard, metal such as aluminum, steel and scraps, and many others.

The first garbage hauling company you choose will probably handle the garbage from your business. If you are looking for commercial garbage removal in or around the Crossville, TN area, please do not hesitate to call Plateau Sanitation today at (931) 277-5900 for an appointment.